How to do ACCA after CA

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a world wide recognized education to build a great career in Accounting, Taxation, Auditing, Valuation and Treasury management. Learners can continue this simultaneously with their graduation. Its adaptable examination mode makes this qualification more charming. The other details for ACCA after CA are mentioned in the post below:

How to apply for ACCA after CA?

Following is the step wise admission process followed by many colleges like :

Step 1 – Fill and submit applications: The students will have to fill out their respective university’s application form – either online or offline – some only accept online applications, and some allow both.

Step 2 Upload documents: After filling out all the required details in the application form, students should scan and upload all the necessary documents for admission and verification on the admission portal.

If you don’t submit all the required documents you won’t be eligible for exemptions.

Step 3 Application Fee: After uploading the documents, students should pay the application fee which may differ from college to college, and they will receive their application number through SMS or email.

Step 4 Review of Application and Shortlisting of candidates: The admission team at the university will then review students’ applications and see if they fit the eligibility criteria and then shortlist the students. These students will now be called  to join group discussions and give personal interviews.

Step 5 Group Discussions and Personal Interviews: Some universities do conduct group discussions and personal interviews so that they can get an idea of the candidate’s nature and background in regard to what the university wants from its students.

Exemptions for CA:

If you’re a CA certificate holder:

For CAs there is a fast track route available. You do not need to do the article ship, and you are directly into the professional level i.e. 5 papers away from being ACCA.

The details of papers are:-


P1, Governance, Risk and Ethics

P2 Corporate Reporting

P3 Business Analysis


Options (any two to be completed)

P4 Advanced Financial Management

P5 Advanced Performance Management

P6 Advanced Taxation

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

You also need to complete :-

The Professional Ethics module

What are the exemptions for CA CAP II passed students in ACCA?

There are 3 levels in this exam like we have in CA namely:

Knowledge Level (consisting of 3 papers)

Skills Level (consisting of 6 papers)

Professional Level (consisting of 3+4 papers, out of 4 you have to choose any 2 so that makes 5 papers altogether)

In total you have to appear for 3+6+5=14 papers.

If you are IPCC both group qualified and a graduate you are exempted from First level that is the knowledge level i.e. 3 papers (F1, F2 and F3 is exempt) and in Skills level you are exempted from 3 more papers (F4, F6 and F8 is exempt). So in total you are exempted from 6 papers ( F1, F2, F3, F4, F6 and F8) out of 14 papers.

Even if you haven’t passed all the subjects of CAP II, you can claim for the exemption in those subjects in which you are passed in the last attempt.

Exemptions fee for ACCA

You will be required to pay an exemption fee to the ACCA. You will have to pay an exemption fee for each exemption you claim. The exemption fee is equal to the early exam entry fee for the particular paper from which you are awarded exemption. You should pay your exemption fees on a timely basis.

How to apply for ACCA exemptions?

For claiming exemptions, the first thing to do is to determine what exemptions you can claim. You can check this by visiting the ACCA website and going to “Exemption Enquiry”. Ones you have determined what exemptions you can claim, you can claim the exemptions by sending the official proof of your qualification along with the registration form. The ACCA will assess your qualification and allow exemption if you are eligible.

As an official proof of your qualification, you can send award certificates or academic transcripts. The ACCA will not accept online print outs of academic transcripts. You will have to provide official documentation that has been signed and stamped by the awarding institute or body.

You can also claim an exemption after you have been registered with the ACCA. If you achieve any qualification after registration, you can claim an additional exemption if the qualification is eligible. If you are awarded an exemption, the ACCA will issue you a notification of exemption and your next exam entry form will reflect the additional exemptions.

You will have to apply for the exemptions at least 20 days before the closing date of exam entry.




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