ACCA Fee Structure in Nepal

Established in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the worldwide professional accounting body offering the “Chartered Certified Accountant” classification. With 200,000 members and 486,000 students in 180 countries, ACCA is a rapidly growing international accountancy association. The Acca fee structure in Nepal is very reasonable and defined below.

ACCA certification is an excellent way to develop a career in accounts and finance as an internationally recognized education and updated/industry-relevant content. Along with their graduation, students should attempt this. This qualification is made more appealing by its versatile assessment scheme. ACCA trained professional is valued around the world for their strategic thinking technical skills and professional values. The ACCA qualification is made up of three-stage of the exam plus an ethics and professional skill module and a professional experience requirement.

ACCA recognition in Nepal

With the growing production of ACCAs in Asian nations burning by the increasing variety of Learning suppliers and therefore the increasing market awareness, ACCAs is presently operating in various sectors starting from the biological process to banks and money establishments and alternative major company homes. As additional ACCAs are being absorbed onto the economy and are providing price to the employers, employers too have become more and more responsive to ACCA as a qualification and therefore the price to the business in being related to a globally supposed qualification. Presently there’s a high concentration of ACCAs within the biological process sector Associate in Nursing MNCs with an equally substantial variety within the banks and money establishments in the Asian country. Several ACCAs choose to move abroad and build careers in regions like Mideast, Europe, and Australia further.

However, a problem of rivalry in Nepalese context is that ACCA and ICAN haven’t smitten any agreements per se that might have benefitted the members of each the skilled job bodies. unnecessary to mention then that ACCAs in Asian country doesn’t seem to be entitled to carry CoP (Certificate of Practice) i.e. the audit license that is issued by ICAN in the Asian country but recent developments have made-up the trail for even ACCAs to get ICAN membership with ACCA already having opened its doors for ICAN members to pursue and complete the worldwide qualification i.e. ACCA yet due to the impact of globalization, (Nepal/ Nepal/ Kingdom of Asian country/ Asian country/ Asian nation) being a member of the global organization and therefore the adoption of IAS/IFRS (International Accounting Standards/International money news Standards) in Nepal, the use prospects, market awareness are looking very bright in the days to come.

ACCA fee Structure in Nepal

There are altogether 13 papers in ACCA in 3 levels. The knowledge level has three papers, the skill level has 6 papers and the professional level has six papers. The tuition fee of these papers separately and the acca examination registration and annual subscription are discussed below in brief.

Paper Tuition Fee
  Knowledge level 15000-20000 (Depending on Faculty/Academy)
Skill Level 18000-23000 (Depending on Faculty/Academy)
  Professional level


30000-35000 (Depending on Faculty/Academy)

This is just the tuition fee that comes up with the online and offline classes, mock tests which is institute self-built up, and also the regular revision.

The registration and subscription fees of the ACCA course in Nepal

Initial registration: – NRS. 15000.

Re-registration: – NRS. 15000.

Annual subscription 2021: – NRS. 18000.

In Nepal, the payment may be done through a banker’s draft or MasterCard. Alternative modes of payment like PayPal are not popular or valid in the Asian nation (unless you utilize Paypal of friends/relatives UN agency are in foreign countries. The full price to check ACCA in the Asian nation as well as tuition fee, subscription charges, admission fees, and materials(books, notes) charge presently are going to be within the vary of 5-6 lakhs. The expenses can increase if you fail within the papers as a result of you ought to pay the tutoring fee fully once more. Also, follow Acca admission in Nepal.

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