ACCA is the globally respected and recognized professional accountancy qualification which is highly preferred by the employers. The ACCA syllabus is based on the international accounting and auditing standards. It will help achieve the range of competences required in a finance team and one can learn skills that every business needs.

If you have decided to become a professional ACCA and you don’t know how to study or which resources you should focus on, you’re in the right place. Here we will be discussing the best and most important resources to study which you can’t afford to miss. 

  1. ACCA Study Guides: 

The study guide is designed to help with planning study and to provide detailed information on what could be assessed in any examination session. You can get all the knowledge of the syllabus through them. They are easily accessible through the ACCA Global website. So it is very important to go through the ACCA study guides. 

  1. ACCA Classes:

If you are unable to understand the core concepts of the topic related to ACCA, you can join different institutions providing ACCA classes. This will help you to prepare for the examination by developing the core concepts of each and every subject and you’ll also get a mentor for your doubts. There are many online and offline classes available in our country too, you can choose any with which you’re comfortable with.

  1. Past year questions and answers:

The previous year question papers can provide you with an insight into the exam pattern and the manner in which the questions are asked in the exam. It’ll also help you to evaluate the best way to write the answers in the examination. So doing the maximum past year questions is always helpful.

  1. ACCA Blogs and Websites: 

If you’re an ACCA student you need to visit some ACCA blogs and websites for the best knowledge you could collect. Different websites such as CA in Nepal, opentuition, ACCA expert, ACCA students blog, and so on are some of the  most visit websites for the ACCA students.

  1. ACCA forums:

A forum is a place, situation, or group in which people exchange ideas and discuss issues, especially important issues related to them. So if you’re an ACCA student you need to be active in different ACCA forums important for the students where you’ll be in discussion with other fellow students and that helps you to increase your knowledge.

  1. Mobile application: 

ACCA provides accounting apps for ACCA students and accounting professionals.  It includes important updates about your exams, careers advice, interviews with employers, students and members, advice from tutors, news from the accountancy world, ACCA news and lots more. If you’re an ACCA student, you need to be active on this app.

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