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CAP-I is. The foundation of CA courses in Nepal. The time duration of CAP-I is 6 months i.e. you need to have at least 6 months gap from your registration to exam date. So, generally, you have around 6 months for the preparation for the CAP-I exam. Most of the students are juggling with the question of how to prepare for CAP-I? If you have the same question troubling then you’re on the right article.

 Top tips to prepare for  CAP-I examination:

1.Do smart work

The CAP-I exam are forthcoming and as we all know almost half of the students won’t be able to make through it. Why? There is no shortcut to hard work but an apt blend of hard work and smart work can definitely make it possible for candidates to perform effectively.

What exactly is smart work?

  1. Give priority to most important topics.
  2. Consult previous year question papers. (These are available in the website of ICAN.)
  3. Try to manage the time according to the importance of topics but never missed out any chapters.
  4. Write and practice as much as you can. The more you write and practice the more you understand.
  5. Attempt mock tests.

2.Manage your time

Management of time is considered to be the most difficult task for CA students. Since the course content is so vast, almost everyone feels the problem on managing the time. The more you can manage the time, the more chances of your increases to crack the examination. Here are some tips for the management of time:

  1. Set realistic and standard plans everyday.
  2. Don’t study more than two to three hours at a stretch. After you study for two hours take a short break. This will help you to concentrate more in your study.
  3. Plan your next day before going to bed every night. Likewise make a surface check on the day that’s passed. This’ll help you to get idea on your preparation. You need to be updated by yourself whether you’ve met your target or not and it’ll help to improvise your next day routine.
  4. Keep watch while studying and check time on regular intervals. Use timer to keep yourself on time with each task. This’ll eliminate wastage of time and keep your studies on track.

3.Minimum use of social media

It is not bad to use social media if you have self control. Using social media for the updates and news is fine. But, if you can’t control yourself, then in the present era of ICT it’s best to close all the social media accounts and focus on your study. This’ll help you to maximize your day into studying.

4.Use core material and elaborative material

ICAN provides you the study material. Almost every year, most of the MCQs and subjective, both the question in the examination are found to be from the same book provided by the ICAN. So the core material i.e. the material you must prioritize should be that. And for the references you can use the material provided by your coaching institute.

4.Use visual techniques for better retention

There are different theory subjects, like economics, management and law in CAP-I, where students feel more pressurized to memorize the things. So making your own scenario and examples will help you to visualize the concept and better understanding of the text.

5.Prepare notes

ICAN doesn’t provides you gap between the exams. In CAP-I you need to complete two books in less than 24 hour before the examination. So, there is no chance that you could complete the whole syllabus if you study from the book. Therefore make notes on each subject and keep it as short as you can.

6.Manage exam stress

Exam stress is another big problem in CA students. Every students go through this and this will never help to improve your study. Indeed you start wasting your time thinking about the exams. So manage your stress. You can manage stress by doing exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, talk to someone whenever you feel low, practice breathing exercises, etc.

Do the above mentioned ideas and revise on a regular intervals. There will be no one that could stop you from achieving your dream. You’ll pass the CAP-I examination with great marks on hand.

Best study materials for CAP-I

  1. Study material provided by ICAN

Every year most of the questions (both MCQ and subjective) are asked from these material with just the amount changed. So, for all the subjects ICAN materials should be the first priority.

  1. Materials provided by institute

A good coaching institute provides you the study material. In theoretical paper you might need these books even more cause these provides you the explained view  on concept and topics which is found to be lacking on ICAN material.

Almost for every subject these material would be sufficient in CAP-I.

  1. Fundamentals of Accounting for CA-CPT

Fundamentals of Accounting for for CA-CPT by PC-Tulsian, an Indian author can be the best alternative if you are lacking basic concepts on accounts. This book contains all the required concept explained which helps you to clear all your doubts.

This book is especially designed for students doing self study.

  1. RTPs and Suggested Questions Answers

Revision test papers and past question answers can be very useful from the examination point of view. It helps you to know well about the exam pattern and many times it is found that the questions are repeated from the past papers.


Studying all these would be enough to attain the good marks in CAP-I.

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