Common frequently asked questions about Chartered accountancy (CA)

We get a lot of questions from students studying CA or from those who wants to study in future. So, the frequently asked questions are answered here:

Q.N. 1. How important is it to quote case laws in subjects like law and tax. Will we lose marks by not quoting unless demanded by the question?

Ans. Try to quote relevant section numbers/case laws, wherever possible. However, it is better not to quote than to misquote a section number/case law.

Q.2 Is it necessary to write the answer in the serial order?

Ans. It is not necessary to write the answer in the serial order. But you should mention correct question number clearly.

Q.3 How much practical experience do I need to be a CA?

Ans. You need to do 3 years of articleship after passing both groups of CAP II in Nepal. So it can be said that you need to have 3 years of practical experience to be qualified as a CA.

Q.4 How many CA are there in Nepal?

Ans. There are around 2200 Chartered Accountants in Nepal.

Q.5 How many RAs are there in Nepal?

Ans. There are around:

1500 Registered Auditors – B

600 Registered Auditors – C

1100 Registered Auditors – D

Q.6 How many papers will be there for CAP-I? And how are the exams conducted?

Ans. In CAP-I, there are three papers all together you will write an exam for 300 marks. CAP-I exams are conducted in Multiple Choice Questions and subjective questions format covering 50% each.

Q.7 What is the pass percentage of CA in Nepal?

Ans. The pass percentage on different level of CA course in Nepal are:

CAP-I exams: Around 67%

CAP-II exams ( passing both groups): Around 17%

CAP-III exams (passing both groups): Around 14%

CA membership exam: Around 56%

Note: The data presented above are from the last year result. This may vary according to the exam and year.

Q.8  What is the salary of chartered accountants in Nepal?

Ans. This still comes as an unanswerable question. It depends on your knowledge and experience and the field you decide to go. But on an average a CA earns above 50,000 to lakhs in a month and this keeps on increasing with the increase in experience.

Q.9 How much does it cost to study CA?

Ans. It cost around 4 lakhs to study CA (including coaching fees). This may differ regarding the coaching institute you select.

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