How to clear CA exam in first attempt? 

The passing percentage of CAP I is around 67%. Likewise the passing percentage of CAP II is 17% and that of CAP III is 14%. The passing percentage makes people believe that it is all about the luck to pass CA exam in first attempt but it’s never like that. Let us discuss all about this on this article: 

Why do most of the students fail in first attempt?

The reasons cause of which most of the students fail in first attempt are described below: 

  1. No Proper Planning and Time management skills: 

Most of the students are careless towards their career. They just enroll into a course because their friends are doing so but that is not a good thing to do. They don’t have a proper plan on how to study which makes it more difficult to pass the examination.

  1. Poor presentation skills

Some students don’t know the appropriate style of presentation in the examination. Though they had study day and night, they couldn’t present that in the examination as expected by the ICAN which gives them insufficient marks.

  1. Inappropriate Guidance 

There are alot of dropout and failed CA students in comparison of those who passed. Taking guidance from those who aren’t able to clear their own makes the students stuck in a problem. So guidance from the wrong person is another major reason due to which students fail in the exam.

  1. Wrong Selections of books and Ignorance of ICAN Study material, Practice Manual, RTP:

You need to refer to the book which is given by your Coaching teacher but without ignoring the material provided by ICAI like study material, practice manual, RTPs, MTPs etc.

You are not required to read these materials wholly and thoroughly but the main idea is for you to realize their importance.

Strategies to pass CA exam in First attempt

Although it takes a lot of practice and commitment to clear the exam in the first attempt, it is not impossible. It requires right preparation guidance and directions. Some best tips to study the course effectively and to clear the certification in the first attempt are as follows.

  1. Have the habit of note-taking while studying:

Making notes and developing small hints while studying the different books and materials, as this will help to revise easily at a later date. Religious revisions are mandatory at the time of examination and it is not possible to cover the entire syllabus in a single day. Having short notes of the important lessons in hand helps in prompt revision. They also help in revising pretty quickly.


No matter how small, or insignificant it might seem, that could be worth 3 marks in the exam. And as CA students we all know, 3 marks will make a world of difference in passing.


Be consistent. Don’t slack off and take days off unnecessarily. Keep on putting regular efforts. Make small targets and achieve them.

  1. Refer previous year’s papers:  

One mistake which most of the aspirants make that they do not understand the trends and requirements of the competition. It is imperative on students part to refer at least past 5 years questions

  1. Take proper and best coaching institute: 

Students trying to save some nominal money don’t get admission to the best institute and later this becomes one of the major factor in failing the exam. So students should always take the best coaching available. 

  1. Connect concepts with real world examples: Study the concept and understand it with real and actual examples for each subject. Let’s take an example for financial reporting, just go through the annual reports of major companies for each sector i.e. cement, FMCG, manufacturing, etc. This will help you to understand the notes of accounts, its disclosures and much more.

Topper’s strategy: 

(Same as those mentioned by them)

Well, I don’t have any magic mantra for it, but I can tell you what I did for preparation and maybe it could help you in yours-

  • I devoted six months and worked hard consistently. These six months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you years ahead in life. You need to understand that it’s either this 6 months of hard work and you clear the exams or you to spend another 3 months again.


  • I made summary charts and shortlisted all the important questions. All of it I reviewed again and again so that the whole course was in my grip. It also helped me revise a day before the exam because these handwritten notes are extremely expeditious.


  • Conclude one reading of everything before going to the exam. Do not leave any subject or topic untouched. I think that’s what gave me confidence to attempt all questions, even when I didn’t know the answer.


  • Try condensing idle time. Try to find a study partner, perhaps someone who would challenge you constantly and you can maintain a healthy competition with your associate. I and three friends of mine held weekly meetings to discuss progress and clear doubts.


  • I avoided going out and all sorts of social events for the last three months. I am not saying it is necessary for everyone but it was for me to focus on my goals.


  • Always aim for 80 to 90 marks in each subject even if the paper is tricky so that you can comfortably score at least 60 marks.


  • I made a time table which I updated every week to keep track of my syllabus coverage. You can also find inspiration and motivation in people around you. Make a strategy and be true with it. Don’t slack off and take days off unnecessarily.


  • It’s very common to be demotivated. In such crises I used to take a short break, meditate for a while and rise again. You could try anything which relaxes and refreshed you, like listening to music or exercise, etc.

Keep calm and all will be fine!

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