There are 3 levels i.e. CAP-I, CAP-II and CAP-III to pass the CA course. Exams are held twice in every year i.e. from 1st of June and from 1st of December. Students need to pass the pre-test examination taken by the ICAN before appearing the final examination.

Exam pattern

The exam pattern of three different levels is as follows:

1.CAP-I level

In CAP-I level, you are required to pass three papers of 100 marks each with aggregate of 50% on total. Each paper complies with 50% of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and 50% of subjective questions.

2. CAP-II level

There are 7 subjects in CAP-II level which are divided into two groups and each paper contains 100 marks each. CAP-II level doesn’t consist MCQ questions. For passing both the groups you need to have 40 marks on each subject and aggregate of 50% on total while for passing single group you need to have 40 marks each on subjects of that group and aggregate of 50% on the group respectively.

3. CAP-III level

There are 8 papers in CAP-III level of 100 marks each, which are also divided into two groups. The exam pattern and passing criteria of CAP-III level is as same as that of CAP-II level.

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