How to prepare for ACCA Examination

The ACCA (“Association of Chartered Certified Accountants”) is a Profession issued by highly respected and valued international qualifications in business. It is recognized by member states of the European Union and the United Nation. To prepare for the Acca examination, the student should follow logical step,

You’ve got to pass most of the thirteen exams in English and have relevant sensible expertise that you’ll gain in any business you’re operating in to get the qualification of ACCA. You will have to take up to four ACCA exam papers every session, and you’ve got 10 years to try and do it. Ordinarily, it takes a pair of or three years to qualify for the ACCA exams.

Top tips to prepare for acca examination

The skilled qualification covers all areas of business, from monetary statements, management accounting, business taxation & law to audit and conjointly business ethics. Several international and native corporations obtain or need their workers to check for this prestigious acca qualification.

1.How many exams are there in ACCA?

ACCA has thirteen Papers divided into four major levels:

Knowledge Level -This level incorporates three papers.

Skills Level -This level incorporates half-dozen papers.

Essentials Level -This level incorporates three papers.

Options Level -This level incorporates four papers. Out of four, you’ll be able to opt for two papers.

  1. Knowledge Level: This level has F1 to F3 papers. It’s the beginning level for ACCA qualifications hence it’s conjointly is referred to as foundation level. To continue for the following level i.e., skills level you have to pass all the papers. The topics lined during this level are – Accountant in Business, Management Accounting, and Financial Accounting

F1 AB Accountant in Business

F2 MA Management Accounting

F3 FA Financial Accounting

  1. Skills Level: It is the second level of ACCA qualification from that you learn advanced data. It incorporates F4 to F9 (total 6 papers). You may learn additional concerning law, taxation, auditing, and financial management, and finance coverage, and performance management during this level. Many of us say this level ensures to achieve data reminiscent of a Bachelor’s degree. The list of acca subjects are as follow-

F4 CL Cooperate and Business Law

F5 PM Performance Management

F6 TX Taxation

F7 FR Financial Reporting

F8 AA Audit & Assurance

F9 FM Financial Management

  1. Essential Level: As mentioned above, this level has three papers P1 to P3. It is conjointly known as the professional level of ACCA. During this level, you may gain skilled level skills associated with techniques that are needed to become an account skilled. The key subjects lined during this level are Governance, Risk and Ethics, company coverage (the UK or International), and Business Analysis.

2.ACCA Exam cost

To register for ACCA exams you need to be enrolled as an active ACCA student which means you need to pay a one-time registration fee of £79 and an annual subscription fee of £105.In your initial year, you must pay each £79 and £105 fees per annum. Afterward, you would like to solely pay the £105 annual subscription fee – due before first Jan. You must pay this fee although you aren’t sitting in any exams that year. If you don’t, you may be kicked off the student register and have to be compelled to re-register as a student to continue your studies, for £79.

ACCA may be completed within four years and with around 4-5 lakhs in Nepal. This includes all tuition fees, ACCA exam fees, registration fees, and study materials, and installments.

3.About ACCA online exam

Following the exam cancellation, ACCA has announced that using the most recent technology, you’ll be able to continue your skilled journey, regardless of wherever you’re – home, office, or even at the exam center, wherever that’s doable. Now with the new development, you can take your online examination in an exceedingly safe atmosphere.

The exams one will be taking are going to be invigilated remotely by a real person, supported by checks involving biometry, computer science, and recording for later review. This guarantees that the integrity of the check and everyone’s security measures are up to the standards expected from ACCA and therefore the British Council.

You will be ready to continue your skilled qualifications throughout the pandemic with larger flexibility ready to take an exam on your PC in an exceedingly acquainted and cozy setting. This means you can continue your qualification with nominal disruption and pay for and schedule your communication way more flexibly.

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