5 Reasons to become Chartered Accountant in Nepal

Chartered accountancy gained a lot of fame as a profession, somewhere in the 19th century. Today, it is recognized as a profitable occupation, and regarded as a great career choice, with wide opportunities and reasons to become Chartered Accountant in Nepal. Chartered Accountant Body corporate was first established by the Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 1997 passed by the Parliament of Nepal. It is a well-established profession in Nepal, with opportunities provided in the Government, private sector, in fields related to finance and business, within the country or abroad. The top five reasons to become a CA are listed below:-

It is a reputable and in-demand profession, which also pays well. Anyone who has completed the plus two level can pursue chartered accountancy as their career ahead. However, this is not an easy subject to study. The myth that studying commerce is all one needs to easily complete CA is not quite true. You will need to cross a few difficulties on your way to becoming a successful chartered account. Benefits To Chartered Accountant Profession In Nepal:

5 reason to become a CA

1.It is a professional global qualification with  recognition

A professional  global qualification is very different from a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. They are accredited by professional bodies, which set out the exams, lay out the rules, and regulate the standards that one must meet to work at certain jobs. A professional qualification aims to develop a set of skills and expertise in one particular area or field of work. There is a global recognition of this degree not only in Nepal but also across the world and once you qualify for the exams, there definitely will be a sense of pride and honor that comes along by calling yourself a Chartered Accountant.

After the completion of this course, one becomes a part of the renowned community of experts in their field. Not only the education but also the training that one goes through to get this degree is recognized all around the world. One becomes a part of a big professional alumni network and thus gives one the boost of self-confidence.

2.Wide Career range and rewards in Chartered Accountant qualification

No other career offers the strength that a Chartered Accountancy qualification does. The CA members take on the role of a business advisor, who makes high-level tactical decisions, aimed at driving business, improving profit margins, and increasing market share for their clients and the employers as well. Being a Chartered Accountant doesn’t mean you only have to take on a path as a taxation, consultant, or as an auditor all your life.

After completion of the CA course, it allows one to enter the professional world in which one can choose various job options. Many Chartered Accountants also use their expertise to establish their businesses, becoming highly successful entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, one can enter into a different era of success. Chartered Accountants are found at the peak level in almost every sector from financial services and banking, to the public sector. The rewards that go with the Chartered qualification are outstanding.

3.Chartered Accountancy course lays a strong foundation

Because of Chartered Accountancy course is a globally recognized degree, it increases mobility. In the sense, it lays down a strong foundation for one to do anything, anywhere. A Chartered Accountancy degree is so well recognized and accepted that it gives you a sense of job security throughout life. In today’s world job switching and career switching is very common so the CA course will always be like a cushion for all to fall back on and also help to rock it and accelerate the career to the next level.

It also helps you build a strong foundation in finance and develop your expertise. One gets to study financial statements, understanding how businesses end up computing profitability, what are the various ratios that are required to study how healthy and unhealthy a company is. All in all, the Chartered Accountancy Course is the course of a number and it helps to lay a strong foothold in finance.

4.Excellent Chartered Accountant  salary and success

Somewhere in every people’s heart, they have a strong desire to become successful. One wants to create value for people around and want to create a better lifestyle for themselves. To live up to the dreams one desires, one should go for a CA course. The take-home package of a fresh Chartered Accountant can be up to five lakhs, depending on the organization, its size, and address. Some companies offer bigger packages, to young beginners. The earning possibility of someone who chooses to freelance or start their own business is immense. The power of Chartered Accountants is unstoppable and this is one profession where the salary increases, exponentially and with experience.

5.Chartered Accountants develop a wide-scale network

People that you know today are probably going to play a great part in shaping your career path. One of the bigger benefits of the CA course is that it helps one to develop relationship and communication skills.

As a CA student, while one is pursuing practical training at a CA firm, one would be expected to build relationships with clients and deal with people who play different roles within an organization. These people might play a bigger role when you grow in your career. So during the CA course, one can build their relationship with high-level people and benefit themselves during their career period.

Therefore, it is wise for one to enroll in CA classes, so you are at an advantage. It mentors teaches and prepares you for the bright future ahead. One must begin early if one wants to pursue the dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant. The preparation of CA starts right after class XII, a bit difficult at first, but rewarding in the end.


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