Study tips for CA final students

As we all know, CA is one of the toughest and reputed professional courses across the world. Out of all other phases CA final is considered to be the toughest exam. It is so because students need to prepare along with the articleship. Here we have defined how to prepare for the CA final.

Top few tips on how to prepare for the CA final

  1. A student is required to prepare thoroughly for examinations well in advance and to devote at least two hours daily for studies while undergoing Articled Trainscie
  2. During the leave period, at least 14 to 16 hours’ hard work is required.
  3. Avoid mobiles, the internet, and television as far as possible.
  4. Students must study from study material and do practice from the practice manual.
  5. Wherever a particular topic or point is not clear, a student may refer to a standard text/reference book.
  6. Students should refer to suggested answers to questions set in the last five/six examinations and Revision Test Papers. It is strongly recommended to solve the questions first without referring to solutions and then comparing the answers with the solutions given. Such an approach would help in knowing the point of mistake and presentation pattern of an answer.
  7. In law papers, Section and its provision are to be given correctly. If a student is not sure about the Section number then he should not quote the same.
  8. Students need to appear on all the mock tests as much as they can.
  9. ICAN’s practice manual and syllabus should be more focused. Too many books can lead to too much confusion so prepare from a single book.
  10. Try using scientific terms in audit and law rather than your own words.
  11. Prioritize the Topics

Everything is important in the CA Papers. It’s hard to identify what to skip and what not. But trust me, it’s hardly impossible to complete everything unless you are a genius. So, the best study tip for the Ca final is that you have to prioritize the topics

  1. Stay Updated with the AmendmentsICAN always wants you to be updated. So, keep yourself updated with the latest laws, sections, and provisions. ICAN has a tendency to cover a good part of the paper from the amendments only.
  2. Practicing past attempt papers or mock test papers is the best study tip for CA Final Examination to manage your speed and accuracy.
  3. Do not compare CA with other exams where you can clear the exam by practicing more and more past attempt papers. In the CA Exams, there are very few repeated questions hence, concept clarity must be your first priority to get a good rank
  4. CA Final exam can be a challenge for yourself but Knowledge cannot be a challenge. If you stop learning new things, you won’t be able to grow further in your life. So, generate curiosity in yourself to learn new things.

So these are the tips you should focus on for the CA Final Examination.

How many hours do CA final students study?

It differs from person to person. If you’re capable of understanding the subject matter quickly, you can gain more by sitting down to study less. But if you take time to understand the topic, you need to work for more hours.

Generally, you at least need to study for 2-3 hours daily during articleship period and 12-14 hours on holidays to crack the CA final examination.

When should you start preparing for the CA final?

If you have a mindset that you can complete the study in your last 1 month or 20 days. Then that’s not possible during the CA final examination. So all you need to do is study regularly from the beginning during the articleship period and take leave and fully focus on your study at least three to four months prior to the examination.

1.Study plan to study during articleship period:

Working as an article and carrying your study side by side is one of the toughest jobs for CA final students. Here is a short trick to get used to. Try waking up early in the morning and study for around 2-3 hours every day. And after returning from work try studying for 1-2 hours every day before going to bed. That’ll help you to carry out the study during the articleship period too.





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