Strategic Management and Decision Making Analysis

Strategic Management and Decision Making Analysis is the eighth paper of CAP-III. It  covers 100 marks in total. It is the Group 2 paper. The syllabus you need to cover in CAP-III under “Strategic Management and Decision Making Analysis” is as follows: 


Level of Knowledge : Expert


Course objectives :

— Develop knowledge and understanding of process, concepts and techniques of strategic management and decision making analysis relevant to a professional accountant.

— Develop skills to formulate and implement strategies and analyze decisions in the Nepalese context.

Course contents

Concept of Strategy

—  Concept and characteristics of strategy

—  Levels of strategy

—  Strategic planning

—  Relevance of strategic thinking for professional accountants.

Strategic Management

—  Concept, characteristics and importance of strategic management

—  Process of strategic management

—  Elements of strategic management


External Environment Analysis

—  Meaning and nature of environment

—  Elements of environment

—  Objective setting

—  SWOT analysis, ETOP, PEST-NG approach

—  External environment analysis process


Internal Analysis

—  Concept and process of internal analysis

—  Areas of internal analysis

—  Techniques of internal analysis

—  Assessment of internal resources and core competencies

—  Strategic advantage profile


Strategic options

—  Concept of strategic options

—  Strategic alternatives at corporate, business and functional levels

—  Directions and methods for strategy development

—  Blue ocean versus Red ocean strategy


Strategy Formulation and Strategic Choice

—  Process of strategy formulation

—  Evaluation of strategic alternatives

—  Portfolio analysis 

Risk analysis

—  Strategic choice: criteria and techniques (BCG & GE Matrix)


Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

—  Concept and process of strategy implementation

—  Designing structure

—  Resource planning

—  Management system

—  Strategic information system

—  Strategic control, process, types

—  Strategic change management: concept and approaches


Role of Chief Executive in Strategic Management

—  Role in formulation of strategies

—  Role in implementation and evaluation of strategies


Decision Making Process and Techniques

—  Rational decision making process

—  Strategic decision making: concept, characteristics, process and importance

—  Techniques of strategic decision making


Project Management

—  Project- definition of the project; why project management; project life cycle

— Project selection -criteria for choice; project selection model; management of risk; project portfolio process; project proposal

— Project management – the project manager; selection of project manager; institutional environment and managerial behavior

— Project organization- project as a part of functional organization; pure project organization; matrix and mixed organizational system

— Project planning – initial project coordination; system integration; sorting out the project; work breakdown and responsibility chart

— Conflict and negotiation – nature of negotiation; partnering, chartering and change; conflict and project life cycle; principles of negotiation

—  Budgeting and cost negotiation – project budget estimate

—  Scheduling – PERT, CPM; risk analysis using simulation; extension and application

—  Resource allocation -resource loading; resource leveling; resource scheduling

—  Monitoring and information system – planning-monitoring-controlling cycle; reporting process

—  Project control – purpose of control; control process; design control system; control of change

— Project termination – project auditing; varieties of project termination; termination process; final report


Strategic Management and Decision Making Practices in Nepal

—  Strategic management practices in corporate sector of Nepal

—  Decision making practices in corporate sector of Nepal

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