Syllabus of Corporate and Other Laws

 Corporate and Other Laws is the third paper of CAP-II. It covers 100 marks in total. It is the Group 1 paper. The syllabus you need to cover in CAP-II under “Corporate and Other Laws” is as follow:

Level of Knowledge : Working

Course objectives   :   Understand the general knowledge of the provisions of Nepalese Commercial Laws and their application in business environment.

Course contents


Nepalese Commercial Laws

Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 2053 and Nepal Chartered Accountants Rules, 2061

—  About the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal

—  Objective of the Institute

—  Council and its committees

—  Procedure of disciplinary action

—  Membership of the Institute

—  Examination and academic qualification of chartered accountants,

—  Recognition of professional qualification

—  Certificate of practice

— Code of conduct and other provisions of Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 2053 and Nepal Chartered Accountants Rules, 2061


The Companies Act 2063 [upto Section 119]

—  Meaning and concept and types of company

—  Incorporation of company

—  Lifting of corporate veil

—  Conversion of company

—  Pre-incorporation contract

—  Memorandum & articles, prospectus

—  Constructive notice and indoor management

—  Shares and debenture

—  Reduction of share capital

—  Purchase of company’s own share

—  Issue of share at discount

—  Issue of share at premium

—  Meetings of company

—  Board of directors

—  Accounts and records of company and audit


Securities Act 2063 [upto Section 70]

—  Meaning and concept of securities and stock exchange

—  General concept on securities exchange board

—  Registration and issuance of securities

— Stock exchange, securities business and securities exchange professionals, security exchange market and transactions of securities


Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 2063 [ Upto Sec. 67]

—  Incorporation of banks and financial institution

—  Classification of banks and financial institution

—  Board of directors and chief executive of banks and financial institutions

—  License of banks and financial institutions

—  Capital of banks and financial institutions

—  Financial activities of banks and financial institutions

—  Regulation, inspection and supervision

—  Lending and recovery

—  Accounts, records, financial statements and audit


Nepal Rastra Bank Act, 2058 [upto Section 75]

—  Concept of bank

—  Objectives and functions, duties and power of the central bank

— Formation of board and functions, duties and powers, financial provisions, monetary functions and open market operation

—  Monetary unit, banknotes and coins

—  Foreign exchange policy, regulation and reserve

—  Relation with government of Nepal


Industrial Enterprises Act, 2049

—  Meaning, concept and types of industries

— General concept of industry promotion board, licensing, registration of industrial , facilities and concessions,

—  Formation and functions of one window committee

Industrial human resource and sick industry and other provisions of Industrial Enterprises Act, 2049


Labor Act, 2048

—  Concept of labor / capital relations

—  Types labor, employment and security of service, working hours and remuneration

— Health & safety, welfare, special types of enterprise, Code of conduct and the punishment, dispute settlement and other provisions of Labor Act, 2048


Bonus Act, 2030

—  Meaning and concept of bonus

—  Bonus calculation and distribution

—  Restriction on payment of bonus

—  Payment of bonus in advance

—  Welfare fund, Dispute settlement and other provisions of Bonus Act, 2030


Contract Act 2056

—  Meaning and concept of contract

—  Types of contracts

—  Essential elements of valid contract

—  Guarantee, indemnity and subrogation

— Contract relating to bailment, collateral & deposit, sale of goods, agency and transportation of goods

—  Performance and execution of contractual liability

— Breach of contract and its remedies, privity of contract, and other provisions of Contract Act, 2056


Insurance Act 2049

—  Meaning, concept and types of insurance

—  Fundamental principles of insurance

—  Formation, functions and power of insurance board

—  Registration and cancellation of registration of insurer

—  Insurance agent, surveyor and broker

— Audit, insurance offence, punishment and penalties and other provisions of Insurance Act, 2049


Negotiable Instruments Act 2034

—  Meaning and concept of negotiable instruments

—  Classification of instruments

—  Promissory note, bill of exchange and cheques

—  Endorsement

—  Negotiation, negotiability, assignability

—  Rights and obligations of parties to an instrument obtained illegally

—  Presentment of instrument, dishonor of instrument

—  Notice of dishonor

—  Noting and protesting

—  Discharge from liability

—  Payment and interest

— Presumption as to negotiable instrument and other provisions of Negotiable Instrument Act, 2034


Social Welfare Act, 2049

—  Definition

—  Social welfare program, welfare council, meeting and decision of the council

—  Function, duties and power of the council

—  Affiliation, economic assistance, suspension

—  Other provisions of Social Welfare Act, 2049


WTO and Nepalese Laws

—  WTO and its membership

—  Function and role of WTO

—  Concept of Financial Bill/Act

—  Legislative process of Nepal

—  WTO parameters and Nepalese laws


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